What is COD

COD stands for Cash on delivery and customers pay for parcels upon delivery at their doorstep.

What is the problem with COD parcels

Customers have to pay in cash for parcels that:

1. They did not buy; or

2. Do not match their expected purchases

How does COD parcel work

Freight forwarders sent parcels to ZTO Singapore which then delivers the parcels to customers’ doorstep and collects cash on behalf of the freight forwarders. Individuals or family member of the customer receiving the parcel is unaware that the item is not something they’ve ordered or that the parcel contains something of a lower value. As ZTO Singapore is only tasked to send parcels assigned by the freight forwarders, we have no direct contact with these scammers.

What can ZTO Singapore do to help?

Due to the recent surge in these cases, ZTO Singapore is working together with our forwarders along with the authorities to identify and blacklist scammers.

What can you do to prevent such scams

1. Do not pay for any parcel that you did not buy online

2. If others are receiving the parcel on your behalf, inform them what is the item and when to expect it

3. Always check reviews and only buy from reputable sellers

Other common questions:

1. Why is ZTO Singapore still accepting COD?

COD parcel are sent via forwarders who COD is still made available for customers who prefer to pay for their parcel upon delivery to their doorstep

2. Why can’t customer open the parcel before paying for them?

We’re bounded by confidentiality contracts with our shipping partners to safeguard the integrity of all parcel contents.

3. Why can’t ZTO Singapore filter out COD parcels?

We do not open any parcels and deliver only to the address specified by our clients.